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Currently CAS (5.x) does not play well with Galera db cluster when using 
JPA registries.

In Galera, each table must hold a PK to support deletes (
Therefore, it is mandatory to set the MariaDB option 
"innodb_force_primary_key=1“, to ensure all tables hold a primary key.

As the CAS Entity IDs are annotated with @GeneratedValue(strategy = 
GenerationType.AUTO), Hibernate (5.x) picks the table generator instead of 
identity, so tries to create the hibernate_sequence table in DDL.
See https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HHH-11014

As the hibernate_sequence table does not have a PK, creation fails in 
Galera with: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: This table type requires a 
primary key.
Also, performance is quite bad in MySQL, as the table generator uses an 
additional, separate transaction to fetch a sequence value.

There are several approaches to workaround this issue:

- Set generator=„native“ in @GeneratedValue
- Change strategy to „SEQUENCE“ by default and provide a JPA XML mapping 
that overwrites the Java based annotation mapping (see 
- Create the hibernate_sequence table manually and provide a ID PK column 
- Mark Galera as unsupported in CAS docs.


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