We are new on CAS Server, and we install version 4.1.5. I have problems 
with return attributes. I use *cas-sample-java-webapp* application to test 
it. It works ok, but on web.xml:


-          When I put  <filter-class>org.jasig.cas.client.validation.
*Cas30ProxyReceivingTicketValidationFilter*</filter-class> it works ok, and 
return attributes.

-          When I put <filter-class>org.jasig.cas.client.validation.
*Cas20ProxyReceivingTicketValidationFilter*</filter-class> only can 
validate, but not return attributes. 


My CAS validate with LDAP. On deployerConfigContext.xml I have:


<entry key-ref="ldapAuthenticationHandler" value="#{null}" />


And then…


<bean id="ldapAuthenticationHandler"




    <property name="principalAttributeMap">



               | This map provides a simple attribute resolution mechanism.

               | Keys are LDAP attribute names, values are CAS attribute 

               | Use this facility instead of a PrincipalResolver if LDAP is

               | the only attribute source.


            <entry key="cn" value="cn" />

            <entry key="givenname" value="givenname" />

            <entry key="sn" value="sn" />

            <entry key="mail" value="mail" />





And on JSON services:



  "@class" : "org.jasig.cas.services.RegexRegisteredService",

  "serviceId" : "xxxxxxxxxxxx/cas-sample-java-webapp/*",

  "name" : "Test Application",

  "id" : 10000002,

  "description" : "",

  "evaluationOrder" : 1002,

  "usernameAttributeProvider" : {

    "@class" : 


  "logoutType" : "BACK_CHANNEL",

  "attributeReleasePolicy" : {

    "@class" : "org.jasig.cas.services.ReturnAllowedAttributeReleasePolicy",

    "allowedAttributes" : [ "java.util.ArrayList", [ "cn", "mail", "sn", 
"givenname”] ]


  "accessStrategy" : {

    "@class" : 

    "enabled" : true,

    "ssoEnabled" : true


 "proxyPolicy" : {

    "@class" : 

    "pattern" : "^https://.*";



Can CAS 2.0 protocol return attributes ? or I have something wrong ?

Thanks in Advance, 

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