Is it possible to access the CAS 5 management console using an account 
other than "casuser"? Is so, can the admin users be placed in a static file 
and have their primary authentication source be LDAP? In CAS 3.4.x we only 
had to add the matching userid to deployerConfigContext.xml -> 
userDetailService block.


On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 7:51:13 PM UTC-4, Jeffrey Ramsay wrote:
> I'm receiving this message "You are not authorized to access this 
> resource. Contact your CAS administrator for more info." while trying to 
> access the CAS management interface. I have tried using the "casuser" 
> account along with my LDAP credentials but both accounts have failed. I 
> tried adding my LDAP userid to the file but that 
> too has been unsuccessful.
> Has anyone been able to authenticate using LDAP as user store and the 
> file to limit admin access? I tried the "cas.mgmt" 
> options but that too has not been successful.
> -Jeff

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