I am trying to set up a CAS server authenticating user based on a database 
with a very specific structure/content.

User password are stored in a very specific way. Two columns: user 
(username), pwd (encrypted-hashed password).

Encrypted-hashed password means :

Plain pwd -> BCrypt-hashed with a random-generated salt and 12 iterations 
-> AES-Encrypted with a static known key
In a nutshell : Crypto.encryptAES(BCrypt.hash(pwd, BCrypt.gensalt(12)), 

I test user authentication with BCrypt.checkpw(passwordToCheck, 
Crypto.decryptAES(retrievedStoredPwd, myStaticKey)) === true

Where should I start to have it working with CAS Server // Spring ?

Thanks for your hints !!

PS : The "why storing password this way" is a good question. All this come 
from this article : 


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