We have several data source of user credentials, they come from different 
applications and we are unable to merge them into one single source.  

Instead of configuring CAS to go through each authentication provider until 
one returns SUCCESS, I wish to select the right provider based on the 
application user is trying to login, i.e., the theme of login page.   
Another way to explain this is that my login page has a "domain" field in 
addition to username and password field. 

This is not the best idea, but I cannot think of anything better.   

I can extend AbstractUsernamePasswordAuthenticationHandler and 
implement  authenticateUsernamePasswordInternal()  to carry out the 

1) How can I pass in an additional value (such as the CSS theme of login 
page) into this method? it only supports user name and password. I need an 
additional value to indicate which authentication provider I should use.

2) any alternative solution?


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