With cas-server-4.2.6

When I compile case-server-webapp with supports : case-server-support-pac4j 
and case-server-support-token, I have the following conflict: A problem 
occurred Configuring project ': case-server-webapp'. > Could not resolve 
all dependencies for configuration ': case-server-webapp: runtimeCopy'. 
   > A conflict Was found entre The Following modules:       - 
Com.nimbusds: nimbus-jose-jwt: 4.11       - Com.nimbusds: nimbus-jose-jwt: 

I foud that cas-server-support-token used nimbus-jose-jwt-4.11 and 
cas-server-support-pac4j used nimbus-jose-jwt-4.26.1

Anyone know how to align the versions in order to compile the project ?

thank you in advance, because I'm not expert gragdle !

My build.gradle dependencies config

dependencies {
// // Ajout support ldap compile project(':cas-server-support-ldap') 
compile project(':cas-server-support-ldap-core') compile 
project(':cas-server-support-ldap-service-registry') compile 
project(':cas-server-support-ldap-monitor') // // Ajout support oauth 
compile project(':cas-server-support-oauth-core') compile 
project(':cas-server-support-oauth') // // Ajout support tokenWebflow (JWT) 
compile project(':cas-server-support-token') compile 
project(':cas-server-support-token-webflow') // // Ajout support OpenID 
compile project(':cas-server-support-openid') compile 
project(':cas-server-support-openid-webflow') // // Ajout support Pac4j 
compile project(':cas-server-support-pac4j') compile 



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