Hello all,

I'm trying to implement a mergingPersonAttributeDao but CAS-5-like using 
applications.properties (like the default LDAP or JDBC dao) rather than 
describing fully the Daos.

Something like:

<bean id="primaryPrincipalResolver"
    <property name="attributeRepository" ref="mergingPersonAttributeDao" />

<bean id="mergingPersonAttributeDao" 
    <property name="personAttributeDaos">
            <ref bean="ldapPersonAttributeDao" />
            <ref bean="singleRowJdbcPersonAttributeDao" />

<bean id="ldapPersonAttributeDao" 
    <!-- FIXME: use application.properties -->

<bean id="singleRowJdbcPersonAttributeDao" 
    <!-- FIXME: use application.properties -->

(Final goal as you should have guessed, is to add new attributes coming 
from an SQL DB on top of LDAP attributes given by the authentication 

Do you know if it is possible?

Looks like I'm missing something... I'm wondering if I'm even on the good 
way to do it ^^


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