Hi, I have an instance running CAS 5.0.3-SNAPSHOT and a test client using 
spring boot.

When I enter to my client application, it redirects me to the login page of 
the  CAS, but when I login successfully, it sends me 
to https://localhost:8443/ instead my previus client.

This is the client configuration

  port: 9999
  context-path: /client
      client-id: http://localhost:9999/client
      client-secret: acmesecret
      access-token-uri: http://localhost:8080/cas/oauth2.0/accessToken 
      user-authorization-uri: http://localhost:8080/cas/oauth2.0/authorize 
      user-info-uri: http://localhost:8080/cas/oauth2.0/profile 

And this is my service in CAS

  "@class" : "org.apereo.cas.services.RegexRegisteredService",
  "serviceId" : "^(https|imaps|http):.*",
  "name" : "HTTPS and IMAPS",
  "id" : 10000001,
  "description" : "This service definition authorizes all application urls 
that support HTTPS and IMAPS protocols.",
  "evaluationOrder" : 10000

And this is the request URL


Any ideas?

I'm driving mad trying to make cas work :S

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