Dug more into this on my end, and discovered a few more things.

*) trustedDevice is working fine with mfa-authy (just grabbed another
random one that had a free trial) - I see it log the trustedDevice, and
then read back the trustedDevice and bypass authy accordingly. I've not
tried other mfas yet to see if there's a pattern.

*) when I try to use trustedDevice w/ mfa-gauth, the trustedDevice
flow/hooks (sorry, not sure of the correct terminology) triggers even if
the user's setup to bypass the multifactor - this is NOT the behavior
when I use mfa-authy (in that case, bypassing the mfa bypasses
trustedDevice altogether).

That combined w/ the fact the error I'm receiving seems to because it's
being directed to a non-existent "success" state in the "login" flow
makes it look like that for some reason the mfa-gauth flows aren't
working right when combined w/ trustedDevice.

I'm sort of new to Java webflow (and not really a programmer), so not
quite sure if I'm understanding the interactions correctly - I don't
mind digging into code to try and learn more, but not quite sure where
to begin since it's all quite daunting.

In any case, any help would be appreciated!

Matt Elson

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