We are on cas 5.2.2, banner 8 via ssomanager and banner 9 admin apps.  
Seems to work fine since we upgraded to cas 5.2.2 in late December.

We populate the udcid in ldap from banner, then map it in cas as:


Please note, without full BEIS the udcid in banner is not automatically 
populated when new users are created.  Our IDM calls a delivered BEIS 
component to populate any blank udcid values in banner before ldap 
provisioning since we don't use BEIS.



BEIS = Banner Enterprise Identity Services

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 5:46:21 PM UTC-6, Matthew Uribe wrote:
> Hello Community,
> I am wondering whether anyone has had success with Banner 9 and CAS 5.2.x 
> We have been using the Luminis delivered CAS 3.5.2, but are interested in 
> the features available in 5, such as SAML2 IdP, and MFA using Duo. I have 
> deployed CAS 5.2.0, included cas-server-support-ldap and 
> cas-server-support-saml 
> dependencies, and setup a service for one of our Banner 9 apps, but haven't 
> been able to successfully access the application. I can access the CAS 
> Dashboard, as well as the CAS-Management webapp, but the Banner apps are 
> beyond me at this point. Right now, when I navigate to the Banner 9 app, I 
> am redirected to the CAS login page. After logging in successfully, the 
> browser gives me an error: "HTTP Status 403 - No assertions found".
> I figure the problem is either in my service registry, or that I maybe 
> need to import the CAS certificate into a keystore somewhere on the Banner 
> 9 server. Since I don't see anything related to a cert import in the Banner 
> 9 install guides, I'm focused on the first of these two possibilities, but 
> after 2 days of going in circles I've run out of ideas and would eagerly 
> accept the advice of this community.
> Thank you,
> Matt

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