CAS users,

  Ok, I am on CAS 5.2 on Redhat 7.

I have created a number of services stored in json files in
/etc/cas/services.   But I don’t think any of them are getting read by CAS.
  The CAS-Management creates them and puts them there.  But I am not sure
CAS is reading them there.  My goal was to create a service for one of our
Moodle development servers where only staff could access it, not students.
I simply added an ldap attribute which contains the value of Staff.
CAS-Management seems to create it properly.   But CAS ignores it.

Instead I get the following results from the CAS Dashboard from the
“Attribute Release” interface (see picture below):  The result is
https|imap which I never created a service for.  I had to hunt for where
this was coming from and found it in

I tried removing it but it restored itself when I restarted the server.  I
don’t understand what is going on here.  I have the following setting in

cas.serviceRegistry.config.location: file:/etc/cas/services

So why is CAS finding json services from
/usr/local/cas/target/cas/WEB-INF/classes/services instead of
/etc/cas/services  {or at least the dashboard anyways}?   Shouldn’t the
“cas.serviceRegistry.config.location: entry be pointing in to
/etc/cas/services”???  I think I got this from the documentation.

In case this helps, this is in the DevMoodle service registration json file:



  name: Dev Moodle

  id: 1519398393836

…..and much more

Tim Tyler

Network Engineer

Beloit College

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