Our customer has to restart their CAS server every day, and sometimes 
multiple times per day, because it constantly uses up memory until there's 
none left. I did some local testing and profiling with VisualVM and it 
appears that the authentication log messages are permanently retained in 

I'm using CAS 5.2.3 deployed in Tomcat. Logging levels are set to WARN for 
everything. For my local testing I've configured TGTs to expire after one 
minute of inactivity and service tickets expire after 5 seconds. After I 
run my local test, wait a few minutes, and then click the "Perform GC" 
button in VisualVM to run the garbage collector, it still shows increasing 
amounts of used memory, with pretty much all of the memory being strings. 
Examining them, they are mostly authentication log messages. For example:

for https://URL@3/6/18 10:36 AM
ST-199900-pNLEGxw1equhpUJOnkyLYZYe0f4-HOSTNAME for https://URL

Those three lines are repeated N times and use up all of the memory. How do 
I fix this?

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