did you ws-federation or SAML?


On Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 2:26:20 PM UTC-8, Steve Généreux wrote:
> Hi,
> We configured a CAS 5.0.2 with delegation to ADFS. The first time a user 
> logs on to a CASsified application, the browser is redirected as expected 
> (app --> CAS --> ADFS --> CAS --> app)
> But if we try another CASsified application, the same webflow happens even 
> though the browser has a valid TGC, and then a new TGC is issued.
> It does that for every subsequent logins.  As you can imagine, it 
> multiplies TGC for nothing because we have already a valid TGC. It also 
> slows down the login needlessly.
> Is it a bug or it's by design?
> Steve

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