I am using CAS 5.2.0 and configured it for oauth. I created an Oauth 
Service and tried to use the implicit flow in order to access it from a 
single page web application.

I use the following URL


This works well in that I am redirected to the login screen and properly 
enter my credentials, I am then redirected to


However this leads to an error in the application stating that my service 
is not defined.

ef2532b3bcdf 2018-04-16 11:56:14,682 WARN 
[org.apereo.cas.services.web.ServiceThemeResolver] - No registered service 
is found to match 
or service access is disallowed. Using default theme [cas-theme-default]

The service exists and is configured with the correct serviceId 

Is this a known bug? What can be done to fix the issue? 

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