Hi guys, 

I have the structure:  [Oauth2 application] -> [cas5] -> [cas3]. 
The CAS5 server is configured to delegate authentication, using CAS30 
protocol (pac4j) to cas3 and it's working fine. The problem that I'm trying 
to solve is when the user asks for logout.  I need that the user ends its 
session com Oauth2Application, CAS5 and CAS3.

The following steps shows the problem:
1 - User is logged in Oauth2 application,CAS5 and CAS3.
2 - User logout the oauth2app
3 - Oauth2app redirects the user to CAS5 logout
4 - CAS5 logouts the user and redirects to oauth2app(following service URL)
5 - Oauth2 app(the user is not logged anymore) redirects to CAS5 to login 
6 - CAS5 redirects the user to CAS3
7 - CAS3 still has a valid SSO session to user, that is, redirect to CAS5 
8 - CAS5 creates the tickets and redirects to oauth2applicaton
9 - User is logged in

For the user, he/she is asking for logout, wait some time, and it's logged 
again and that is a problem.

How can I configure CAS5, when the user is logging out, to tell CAS3 to end 
its session or redirects to CAS 3 to logout, and get back to the login 

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