I've started woking on a set of apps developed by another programmer

I login through http://localhost:8080/cas that contains a menu with the
redirection for the other apps

This redirection is not working ... I've deployed other 2 apps along with
CAS(5.1) and all are successfully deployed :

CAS and app1 in jboss EAP 7 running in 8080

app2 through spring boot running in 8090

Both app1 and app2 behave the same way ... I click on their menus and the
redirection sends me to login page instead of redirecting me to app1 or

There are no erros on jboss logs

There are no erros on network tab in firefox or chrome

I don't know what other info I could past here to simulate the error

Please, I am stuck on this for a few days and don't know what else to


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