I'm reading the protocol specification here: 

In Section 2.6.2 there are example XML and JSON responses and a note which 

when authentication has proceeded through multiple proxies, the order in 
> which the proxies were traversed MUST be reflected in the block. The most 
> recently-visited proxy MUST be the first proxy listed, and all the other 
> proxies MUST be shifted down as new proxies are added. In the above 
> example, the service identified by <https://proxy1/pgtUrl> was visited 
> first, and that service proxied authentication to the service identified by 
> <https://proxy2/pgtUrl>

 The XML example appears to follow this requirement, but the JSON does not. 
Specifically, the JSON list is [ "https://proxy1/pgtUrl";, 
"https://proxy2/pgtUrl"; ], but the way I read the requirement it should be 
[ "https://proxy2/pgtUrl";, "https://proxy1/pgtUrl"; ].

Another thing is that I'm having a difficult time visualizing a scenario 
where authentication would proceed through multiple proxies.  Does anyone 
have an example scenario to enlighten me?


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