I'm testing CAS version 5.3.2 and found out that 
the DefaultTicketRegistryCleaner is not deleting expired tickets when 
running CAS with JPA.

My investigation after checking the code is the following:

1. DefaultTicketRegistryCleaner calls TicketRegistry.deleteTicket passing 
the id of the ticket
2. AbstractTicketRegistry.deleteTicket uses getTicket(ticketId) passing the 
id of the ticket
3. JpaTicketRegistry.getTicket (JPA implementation) will return null 
because of the expiration checking (which causes the 
AbstractTicketRegistry.deleteTicket not doing it's job)
  It only gives a clue by a debug log saying "Ticket [TGT-....] has expired 
and will be removed from the database" 

Vincent Lim

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