Sorry for the huge delay, here's all my config related to the 
cas.authn.mfa.gauth piece (sans our JPA config, since it doesn't sound like 
you need it):



#cas.authn.mfa.gauth.trustedDeviceEnabled=false -- I still can't get this 
to work


Be sure the file is on a location that the tomcat user can read from. I 
just put it in tomcat root for simplicity's sake.

I hope this helps if you're still having problems.



On Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 3:08:50 PM UTC-5, Dirk Tepe wrote:
> Can you provide some details regarding your configuration to get 
> cas.authn.mfa.groovyScript working? I'm currently using a groovy script for 
> MFA bypass successfully but now have need to use one for triggering as 
> well. However, the triggering script example wraps the run method in a 
> class and I've not been successful in getting it executed. CAS complains if 
> I have the path to the file incorrect, so I know it's at least identifying 
> that the file exists, I just can't figure out how to get it executed.
> Thanks,
> -dirk
> On Monday, July 2, 2018 at 3:06:05 PM UTC-4, Jonathan Barrett wrote:
>> All,
>> I was able to resolve the issue by rethinking my program flow and instead 
>> rewrite the groovy file to run off of the cas.authn.mfa.groovyScript 
>> property so it controls the trigger of MFA instead of bypassing activated 
>> MFA. Better to not trigger MFA at all instead of try to bypass in my case. 
>> Plus, this gave me the ability to do more preprocessing to push people 
>> around to multiple MFA providers as needed. Be aware that service.id at 
>> the trigger level is the URL instead of the service registry name/ID. Hope 
>> this helps someone.
>> -Jonathan

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