I am stuck for 2 weeks trying to run my server case 6 RC3 with a mysql 
database, but nothing works.
I am a novice, I read several tutorial on the web, almost all pages of the 
site apereo but I can not understand several things that blocks me in my 

I try to solve problems as and when but it does not work, at the beginning 
I tested with case v 4.00, then case version 5.2.x and now I decided to 
test with case 6.

I have tomcat 9 and java 11 installed. I cloned master overlay case, then I 
created a folder src / main / resources and in it I copied the folder / etc 
/ config ... containing applications.properties and log4 file ...

I made a ./build.sh package and then I copied paste the cas.war file into / 
opt / tomcat / webapps

Then I typed in my browser https: // myserver: 8443 / case and it works 
fine, with the casusers and Mellon login password. I also have a real 
digicert certificate that I integrated in my keystore and I modified my 
toimcat server.xml, and the ssl works very well.

However, when I try to integrate the information to connect to my mysql 
database which is on another server in my applications.properties file in / 
opt / tomcat / webapps / case / WEB-INF / classes, after have filled in 
some information about my database, I reload tomcat and I get a page 404 ...

Can you help me configure my server please, and especially better 
understand how it works because the documentation on the site apereo is 
horrible or too hard for me.

Sorry for my english, it's a french translation via Google translation ..

Le vendredi 17 février 2017 18:40:32 UTC+1, hadi a écrit :
> Hi
> I am very new to cas, I have already checked 
> out cas-overlay-template-master (5.0.2) from git-hub and changed the 
> cas.properties and pom.xml in order to integrate cas server authentication 
> with oracle database but nothing happened after logging to the login page 
> of cas(Invalid credentials displayed). Also i have no interesting 
> information in my cas.log or cas_audit.log to find out the 
> misconfiguration. I have also created the appropriate table in oracle and 
> inserted username and password (generated by md5 algorithm). Anyway if 
> someone help me to understand i would be so grateful.
> This is my cas.properties file :
> cas.server.name: https://localhost:8443
> cas.server.prefix: https://localhost:8443/cas
> cas.adminPagesSecurity.ip=127\.0\.0\.1
> logging.config: file:/etc/cas/config/log4j2.xml
> #database connection credentials
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].sql=SELECT password FROM MOB_LOGIN WHERE username
> =?
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].healthQuery=SELECT 1 FROM dev.MOB_LOGIN
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].isolateInternalQueries=false
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:orcl
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].failFast=true
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].isolationLevelName=ISOLATION_READ_COMMITTED
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.OracleDialect
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].leakThreshold=10
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].propagationBehaviorName=PROPAGATION_REQUIRED
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].batchSize=1
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].user=dev
> #cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].ddlAuto=create-drop
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].maxAgeDays=180
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].password=dev
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].autocommit=false
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].driverClass=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].idleTimeout=5000
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].credentialCriteria=
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].passwordEncoder.type=DEFAULT
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].passwordEncoder.characterEncoding=UTF-8
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].passwordEncoder.encodingAlgorithm=MD5
> #cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].passwordEncoder.secret=
> cas.authn.jdbc.query[0].passwordEncoder.strength=16
> This is my dependencies added to the pom ( for integrating to oracle) : 
> <dependencies>
> <dependency>
> <groupId>org.apereo.cas</groupId>
> <artifactId>cas-server-webapp</artifactId>
> <version>${cas.version}</version>
> <type>war</type>
> <scope>runtime</scope>
> </dependency>
> <dependency>
> <groupId>org.apereo.cas</groupId>
> <artifactId>cas-server-support-jdbc</artifactId>
> <version>${cas.version}</version>
> </dependency>
> <dependency>
> <groupId>com.oracle</groupId>
> <artifactId>ojdbc6</artifactId>
> <version>11.2.0</version>
> </dependency>
> </dependencies>
> * I attached all information to this post.*
> Thanks

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