So, i'm trying to dig into this more.

I remember how this worked in 3.x.  It was just a giant xml file describing 
state to state transitions.

It appears that somehow I need to one of these:

1) get aup webflow to recognize x509's presence and inject itself there
2) get x509 webflow to recognize aup's presence
3) create new x509 aup webflow when both are present

Now, on trying to understand Cas's usage of webflow.. i've read the blog 

So how can i get a map of the existing transitions, so I know where i need 
to inject a transition from x509check to aup instead of create ticket 
granting ticket.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 9:11:44 AM UTC-4, Curtis Ruck wrote:
> I'm trying to configure the aup-webflow and x509-webflow.  It seems that 
> when a user logs in with username/password they hit the aup-webflow, but 
> when a user logs in with x509 it skips the AUP flow.
> I don't understand spring webflow, and have no clue what i'm looking for 
> or at, but it seems that either the x509 webflow completely skips aup, or 
> the aup webflow is somehow transitioning past the aup view.
> I'm not using an AUP persistence (intentionally), so the AUP already 
> accepted is only kept in memory.

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