1. In my opinion don't use gradle run in production but launch your war 
with java directly (Like in the dockerfile cas overlay).
2. response in 1. maybe solve this porblem ?


Le jeudi 9 janvier 2020 16:12:21 UTC+1, crdaudt a écrit :
> I will restate my questions:
>    1. What is the best way to launch cas.war with the embedded tomcat?  
>    The documentation at 
>    https://github.com/apereo/cas-overlay-template/tree/6.1 suggests that 
>    I use 'gradlew run', which I am currently doing from systemd.  
>    Alternatively, I could launch cas via java directly, such as 
>    '$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -server -noverify -Xmx2048M -XX:+TieredCompilation 
>    -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1 -jar .../build/libs/cas.war' .  What is the best 
>    practice here?
>    2. How do I write the log output where I want it, and with the name 
>    that I want?  I am asking here about the gradle log output (I am already 
>    able to configure where cas.log and cas_audit.log are written via 
>    adjustments to /etc/cas/config/log4j2.xml )?  Currently, the gradle log 
>    output is writing 
>    to ~<cas_user>/.gradle/daemon/<gradle_version>/daemon-<pid>.out.log .
> I look forward to some assistance here.  Thanks!
> On Monday, January 6, 2020 at 12:31:57 PM UTC-5, crdaudt wrote:
>> I have built and deployed cas v6.1.1 using gradle and am using systemd to 
>> start cas via 'gradlew run'.  CAS functionality and logging appear to be 
>> working fine, but the log output for gradle, (which appears to include 
>> output normally associated information that is traditionally found in the 
>> tomcat catalina.out log file) is being written to 
>> ~<cas_user>/.gradle/daemon/<gradle_version>/daemon-<pid>.out.log.  I would 
>> prefer to move the log files somewhere within /var/log, preferably without 
>> the gradle version number.  I would also prefer to rename the file to a 
>> name that is based on the timestamp rather than process id.  How do I 
>> configure this?
>> Also, when placing CAS into production, is running 'gradlew run' in my 
>> systemd startup configuration the preferable way to start CAS?

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