My guess would be the service did not or could not complete the log in process.
ST-9 was validated but ST-8 was not. After a ST is created, cas redirects to 
the service. You can check this in your browser's network panel in developer 
tools. The service needs to contact cas to validate the ticket, this is done 
directly, not through the browser.


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My CAS is on Version 6.2.0-RC3. Most of the time CAS works just fine but 
sometimes the casified application stucks and firefox shows the message "wait 
for cas".  To fix that i restart cas everytime.
This problem seem to appear whenever I use two diffrent browser at the same 
client on that cassifed application. I figured out that the parameter ticket is 
missing in the url.
I hope someone can help me.
You find attached and the log. I have tried to reproduce the 
problem. The log isnt very helpful either. It just shows that cas stopped 
working at "Service ticket created".
Please let me know if you need further informations


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