I am one of the OpenSAML developers within Internet2.  Let me say for
the record that:  Internet2 has never published any OpenSAML version in
the public Maven repository.  In fact, 1.x as a project was never
Mavenized (by us) and was never published (by us) in any Maven
repository.  OpenSAML 2.x is Maven-based, but is currently published (by
us) only in our repo at


If any Maven artifacts are found in any other Maven repo for OpenSAML or
Shibboleth, they were not published there by Internet2.  Must have been
someone publishing something they they don't own (as Scott warned
against).  Just wanted to clarify.

This thread is apropos:

Also, be aware that as of June 30, 2010, OpenSAML 1.x will be in a
wholly unsupported status (as Shibboleth 1.x transitions to an
unsupported status).




On 5/3/10 4:00 PM, Jesse Farinacci wrote:
> I do have a problem with Internet2 and will request they deploy their
> 1.1b artifact, however I also have a problem with the half-hearted way
> we've handled it, too.
> -Jesse

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