Hi Haystek,

Firstly, please send these emails to the CASPER mailing list, there are a
lot of helpful people there.

I assume that you are trying to get data from the FPGA to your PC for
post-processing. If you look at tut3.py
will show you how to plot your spectrum from the captured data. Everything
you need is in tut3.

You will need a simulink design with your ADC connected to a snap block to
store the data. Compile and upload this bof file to the ROACH. Then you
will need to run a script similar to tut3.py to control the design and to
read the snap block over the network, as well as plot your data.



Wesley New
South African SKA Project
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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 8:22 AM, Heystek Grobler <heystekgrob...@gmail.com>

> Hi Wes
> I Hope you are still well. I have one more question and then I will be
> sorted for my project. I want to hook up an FM Antenna to the ADC and see
> if I can plot the spectrum of FM signals. How to I get the data from the
> ADC in oder to plot? I assume I have to create a .bof file somehow?
> I got the 3rd tutorial of casper working, and understand it. The third
> tutorial uses an already compiled .bof file.
> Do you perhaps know how I can do this?
> Thanks for all your help.
> Heystek

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