As I explained in a previous email, I am looking for a way to send the
slow-throughput ROACH2 data  (~25 Mbps) to a PC without using the SPF+
ports on the PC side.  Mobility is important for the project that I am
working, so I want to be able to use any laptop for that purpose without
the burden of having to have a 10 GeB SPF+ card

I first considered the 1 GbE but this implies a big reconfiguration of the
design sine the outputs are 8 bit instead of 64 that the 10 GbE interface

Have anyone tried to use a SPF+ to 1 GbE RJ45 connector like the ones in
the attached picture?

I did some research and I found that the Quad SFP+ Mezzanine board uses the
Vitesse VSC8488XJU chip which in theory should allow such connection, as
you can see in this spec. sheet

So far, I tested 2 different adapters at port 0 with no luck.
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Is the 1 GbE option enable in the mezzanine board?

Thank you,

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