>>  1) would you consider Cassandra (0.5+) "safe enough" for a primary data 
>> store?
> Yes.  Several companies are deploying 0.5 in production.  It's pretty
> solid.  (We'll have a 0.5.1 fixing some minor issues RSN, and a 0.6
> beta.)  And I agree that it's significantly simpler to deploy (and
> keep running) than HBase.

Is there any public information on the production installations you
mention above? So far Googling/browsing we have mostly (only I think)
seen production cases where the data has been possible to re-generate
in the event of loss. As we are evaluating use of Cassandra for
"important" data, we would be interested in hearing any success or
failure stories.

/ Peter Schuller aka scode

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