I installed a cluster of 2 nodes using 0.5 version of binary distribution. Node 
1 is on a Macbook
10.4 w/SoyLatte (java 1.6 port). Node 2 is on a Linux desktop. The
configuration is straight out of the distribution - except the host
names for ListenAddress and ThriftAddress.

The nodes started up
w/o error and the cluster is verified with nodeprobe ring command. Node
1 has a lower Token number than Node 2. I used cassandra-cli to connect
to node1 and posted a set command to insert data. The data was inserted
local to node 1 and also replicated successfully to node 2. I was able
to to connect to node 2 and issue a get command and see all the data
posted to node 1.

However, when I connected to node 2 and issued
the set command, the data only get written to node 2 and was not
replicated to node 1. Is this the correct behavior? I assume the basic
setup has the "wrapping range" behavior, so node 2 should replicate the
data to node 1 that has the lowest Token value (since node 2 does not
have a next node with a higher valued token).

when I connected back to node 1 and issued a get command - no results
were found. Shouldn't the get command perform a proxy read if the key
could not be found locally?

Thanks for you help and clarification.


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