On 6 March 2010 09:23, Hubert Chang <hui...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Like Category, Taxonomy, or folder/file, there will be multiple level
> hierarchical relationship.
>  How to model it in Cassandra?
> Serialize all the parent id and the item id together as the key?
> How to model it when one child has many parents?

If you have parent/child data, there is a good chance that it's not big
enough to need to be stored in Cassandra.

Do you have > 1 billion items? If not, then put it in a conventional RDBMS.

If you have 1 billion items, but most of them are "leaf" nodes, it might be
a good idea to put only the "leaf" nodes in Cassandra, and put the parent
categories in a conventional database.

Cassandra is NOT a good general purpose database, it is for very specific
cases of high data volume and high write workload.


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