I have just download the source code from the trunk using svn, I have set up
the following configuration

Created a different user and group named cassandra
When i do *cassandra -f* the following is the output I get

 INFO 18:02:16,697 Auto DiskAccessMode determined to be standard
 INFO 18:02:16,995 Saved Token not found. Using
 INFO 18:02:17,008 Creating new commitlog segment
 INFO 18:02:17,105 Starting up server gossip
 INFO 18:02:17,163 Binding thrift service to localhost/
 INFO 18:02:17,169 Cassandra starting up...

and next i ran* cassandra-cli --host --port 9160* I get the

Login failure. Did you specify 'keyspace', 'username' and 'password'?
Welcome to cassandra CLI.

Type 'help' or '?' for help. Type 'quit' or 'exit' to quit.

What could have gone wrong ?

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