On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 12:38 -0800, Omer van der Horst Jansen wrote:
> The apache-cassandra-0.6.0-beta2-bin.tar.gz download contains both these files
> in the apache-cassandra-0.6.0-beta2/lib directory:
>  apache-cassandra-0.6.0-beta1.jar
>  apache-cassandra-0.6.0-beta2.jar

Ugh, my bad. I must have failed to `clean' in between the aborted beta1
and beta2.

> Given the way the classpath is constructed, it's possible that anyone using
> this download is actually running beta 1 rather than beta 2...    

The only difference between beta1 and beta2 was a couple of bytes worth
of version metadata, so it really wouldn't matter in this context.

Eric Evans

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