I've noticed that both 0.5.1 and 0.6b2 return (ReplicationFactor) 
identical copies of the data stored in my keyspace whenever I make a 
call to get_range_slice or get_range_slices using 

So with ReplicationFactor set to 2 for my application's KeySpace I get 
double the number of KeySlices that I expect to get. When using 
ConsistencyLevel.ONE I get only one KeySlice for each row. 

The same routine running against the Standard1 keyspace with a 
ReplicationFactor of 1 returns only a single KeySlice for each row. A 
ReplicationFactor of three gives me three identical KeySlices when using 

Is this the intended behavior of get_range_slices? I remember reading in 
one of the Dynamo papers that applications (and not Dynamo) are required 
to sort out any discrepancies in the data, but in this case there aren't 
any discrepancies.



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