Since I'm probably not going to find the time to actually implement this 
soon-ish, I'll post my current findings here (so I can remember what I 
already tried; or maybe someone else can pick it up from there).

For whatever reason, the "first one wins" idea doesn't apply to named 
components/services as soon as they come from different sources.
However, there is a way of making this work by calling 
- which unfortunately is internal.

Using Reflection (which is a PITA to maintain since we'd depend on 
implementation details), I can actually call that method to make certain 
specific named components/services overridable; and achieve my desired 
- the App.config registers a named service that should be used instead
- the hardcoded named service from the Installer class is ignored

The goal would/could be to package this into some sort of Facility, so we 
don't have to dirty-hack around with implementation details; but at the 
same time, the Facility would face the same issue (unless it were part of 

I'll just leave it at that for now; but if anyone has some good reasons 
against doing it this way, please speak up.
Otherwise, thanks for reading.

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