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   1. Call for ALCTS Collection Evaluation & Assessment Group submissions at
ALA MW 2017 (Elaine Franco) 


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The ALCTS Collection Evaluation & Assessment Interest Group issues a call
for its Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, Sunday, January 22 from 1:30-3pm.

Theme:  All about Collection Assessment

ACRL has identified "collection assessment" as a top trend of 2016.  ARL had
two SPEC Kits dedicated to "collection assessment" in 2014 and 2016.  It's
clear that assessment of all kinds is now vital to libraries and librarians.
We are interested in and ask:

*         Who is engaged in the work of assessment in your libraries?

*         How does it translate into collections?

*         What does it look like or include?

*         How quantitative or qualitative is your program?

*         How are the principles being practiced and rolled out on the job,
through professional development, in MLIS programs?

*         Is your collection any different since you incorporated assessment

*         What have we learned, as librarians and as a library?

*         Is it really a best practice?

Come share how your library is engaging in collection assessment.  The
proposed structure of the session (90 minutes) is:
1 speaker: 15 minutes to address or keynote the theme
6 lightning talks at 7 minutes each with 2 minutes to change presenters ~55
20 minutes for discussion

Please send submissions indicating your preference - keynote or lightening
talk to<> AND<> by Friday, December 2.  Please include
an abstract, no longer than 250 words.  Confirmation of program will be made
by Dec 9.

Please direct any questions to Julia Gelfand
(<>) or Caroline Muglia
(<>), co-chairs.


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