I have been trying to do a PAR deployment, however, when I run "make catalyst_par", it appears to run fine for awhile, but ends with:

Writing PAR "ipw.par"

make: *** [catalyst_par] Error 2

After much digging, I found where the error is occurring in the _execute method of
Module::ScanDeps ($VERSION   = '0.84') at the following line:

system($perl, (map { "-I$_" } @IncludeLibs), $fname) == 0 or die "SYSTEM ERROR in executing $file: $?";

In this particular case, @IncludeLibs is empty. I'm not sure if that is significant...
$perl and $fname have reasonable values.

I appreciate any help in understanding this. Is it a bug? Or does it indicate that something is missing from my Makefile.PL?

Is there additional information that I should provide?


- Russ

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