>>>>> "Louis" == Louis Erickson <lerick...@rdwarf.net> writes:

    Louis> No, I mean ../lib relative to the script's main directory.  If I'm
    Louis> in / and run the script with a full path, I don't want or expect
    Louis> ../lib to be added to @INC.  I want and expect the script to find
    Louis> the paths relative to itself, as the structure of the app as it is
    Louis> often used are.

Yes, and Catalyst does try to locate lib (not inc) to the best of it's
ability, you need one of Makefile.PL, Build.PL or dist.ini in the same
directory as lib, cos' that's the mechanism it uses for locating an
uninstalled app. If you don't have those, create at least one, even if it's
bogus. If you do have them, and you're still having trouble, it's a bug.

    Louis> Another person responded that "checkout" meant "checked out from
    Louis> source control", and yes, I'd guessed that.  Checked out instead of
    Louis> what?

Checked out as opposed to installed to site_perl/local-lib via a tarball where
you won't have any of the marker files mentioned above, and Catalyst tries to
find the app in there as well.
    Louis> How does that change the environment?

Basically, if the script isn't lower down the same hierarchy as the marker
files, or it's not installed to site_perl, there's nothing Catalyst can do
about it.

    Louis> Who is that affecting and how?
    Louis> Do the scripts not run in MyApp/scripts there, or is the
    Louis> difference for the alternative?

They run however you choose to run them, whether Catalyst can find lib or not
depends on you providing enough info for it to do that.
    Louis> Would that be after running 'make
    Louis> install', and then being in the path somewhere?  Wouldn't finding
    Louis> lib be even more critical in that case?  Adding a ../lib or even
    Louis> $basename/../lib wouldn't be appropriate there.

Yes, but there's only so much that can be automated.
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