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From: Sumesh.S.J <>
Date: Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 9:47 PM
Subject: Issue related to change_session_id
To: "Devin Austin (dhoss)" <>

Hi Devin Austin,

I am using 'change_session_id' from Catalyst::Plugin::Session.

When I use change_session_id, it is deleting the old session and then
trying to update the deleted session (using the old session id.). As a
result my login page gets stuck.

MySQL Commands are as follows:

DELETE FROM t_sessions WHERE ( id = ? ): 'session:0d..d1'
DELETE FROM t_sessions WHERE ( id = ? ): 'flash:0d..d1'
UPDATE t_sessions SET expires = ?, session_data = ? WHERE ( id = ? ):
'13..30', 'BQ..tZQ==', 'session:0d..d1'

Please guide me in solving the issue. Waiting for a positive and quick reply.


Thanks and regards,

Devin Austin
9702906669 - Cell

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