I'm new to the Catalyst architecture and have been working through some 
examples to learn the ropes. However, in the application I am working on, I am 
able to Update, but not Create a new record. I am using HTML::FormHandler and I 
believe that the inability to Create a new record has something to do with my 
setup of the Form Model. Each time I try to create a new record I get the 
following error.
Caught exception in Signup::Web::Controller::users->add "Can't call method 
"resolve" on an undefined value at 
C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/DBIx/Class/Row.pm line 1289."The error leads me to 
believe that the new_result is not working property with the Form, because if I 
remove the code and leave the "item" empty the form will generate but of course 
not allow the new record to be added. Data::Dumper shows that the Item variable 
looks like this:
Item: $VAR1 = bless( {}, 'Signup::Web::Model::signup::User' );
Any idea where I have went wrong so that this error is created when adding new 
Records and not updates?
---- HFH Form Object----package Signup::Web::Form::User;
use HTML::FormHandler::Moose;
use namespace::autoclean;

extends 'HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC';

has '+item_class' => ( default =>'Signup::User' );
has_field 'alias';
has_field 'name_first' => ( type => 'Text', 'label' => 'First Name'  );
has_field 'name_last'  => ( type => 'Text', 'label' => 'Last Name' );
has_field 'email'  => ( type => 'Text', required => 1 );
has_field 'submit' => ( type => 'Submit', value => 'Submit' );

---- User Controller Outlining the "Add" actionpackage 
use Moose;
use namespace::autoclean;
use Signup::Web::Form::User;

BEGIN {extends 'Catalyst::Controller'; }

=head1 NAME

Signup::Web::Controller::users - Catalyst Controller


Catalyst Controller.

=head1 METHODS


=head2 index


sub index :Path('/users') :Args(0) {
    my ( $self, $c ) = @_;

    my $users = [ $c->model('Signup::User')->all ];
    my @columns = ( 'namelast', 'email' );
     $c->stash( users => $users, columns => \@columns,
                 template => 'users/list.tt2' );

sub add : Local Args(0) {
     my ( $self, $c ) = @_;

        ## Store the empty record in the "record" variable
        ## for $self->form
     return $self->form( $c );

sub edit : Local  Args(1) {
      my ( $self, $c, $user_id ) = @_;

         ## Store the user that we are going to edit 
         $c->stash( record => $c->model('Signup::User')->find($user_id) );

     $c->log->debug("RECORD: edit");
      return $self->form($c);

sub form : Private{
        my ( $self, $c ) = @_;

    ## Check if a record is in the stash, if not create an empty result
        my $item = $c->stash->{record} || 
        $c->log->debug( "Item: " . Data::Dumper->Dump([ $item ]));

        ## Create a new form object with the proper Item data
    my $form = Signup::Web::Form::User->new( item => $item );
    $c->log->debug( "After new form" );
    ## Set the output template and variables required
    $c->stash( template => 'users/form.tt2', form => $form );

    $c->log->debug( "Before Process" );

    ## Validate the form    
   return unless $form->process( params => $c->req->parameters );

    ## On Succcessfull Validation redirect to the index page
        {mid => $c->set_status_msg("User Added")}

=head1 AUTHOR

A clever guy

=head1 LICENSE

This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.




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