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> Hi.
> Posted this to the DBIx::Class maillist, but not getting an traction
> there.  Perhaps someone else has run into this issue on a Catalyst app.
> I need to connect two tables through a relation table for a many_to_many.
>  The issue I'm running into is that one of the tables has a composite
> primary key.  I'm using this in a Catalyst application through a Template
> Toolkit template.
> So, before going through the whole thing, is it possible to have a
> composite primary key used in many to many?  If not, any suggestions on a
> workaround?
> If it is possible, here's my setup.  The user will submit issues into
> complexity_submission.  A trigger will create a duplicate entry in table
> complexity giving the unique post id and then a version of the post.
> Tables, trigger, Schema::Result relations listed, and template below.
Did you try the way suggested here?

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