I seem to be going down a road that is unproductive...I was asked to
make a web app to make simple CRUD changes to a few tables on our
system (backend).  I thought this would be simple, they want it
created in Perl, so I searched for any nice frameworks that could
accomplish this.  I found Catalyst and from my base knowledge of RoR,
it seemed similar and I thought it would be easy.

The problem is our database structure here.  The 3 tables I need to
use do not have any relationships set.  There is no primary keys on
these tables.  I had to manually code the relationships between the
tables because the create helper could not - obviously.  Now that I'm
getting to the point of trying to add functionality such as deleting,
Catalyst seems to blow up because it requires primary key for such
calls as action_for('delete').

Am I just wasting my time trying to do this?  Is there something else
I can use since I cannot modify our DB structure?  What are your guys


Derek Wrobel

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