From: John Napiorkowski 

  Hey All,

  I published a blog regarding my thought (and only my thoughts at this point) 
regarding how to approach understanding what a long term roadmap for Catalyst 
could be.  From the recent poll it seems this is a major gap.  So here's my way 
to kick off a conversation, and I'm sharing linkage here on the list since I 
know not all of you hang on on IRC or follow a lot of blogs:




  I think that it could be helpful if that roadmap would tell more clear for 
what kind of web sites would be Catalyst better than other frameworks (and for 
what kind of sites would not be).

  For example, I think that Catalyst is good for big web sites as well as for 
small sites, but in case of limited resources, especially memory, Catalyst 
might not be the best choice, and because the apps made with Catalyst usually 
have many dependencies, it might not be the best choice when the app is 
deployed on the cloud. Or am I wrong? It would be helpful to be sure...

  Then, in order to find where is Catalyst on his road, it can be positioned in 
comparison with other web frameworks (especially Dancer and Mojolicious, but 
maybe even frameworks for other languages, like Ruby on Rails).

  I've seen that some newbies use to put questions about the recommended web 
framework on some sites (like Linkedin) and I think that it could be helpful 
for them if they could see the most important differences between most 
important frameworks without needing to learn them all before beeng able to 

  And the things that can be compared could be... if the framework has 
scafolding scripts, if they use a single file or more, how scalable they are, 
if they need a manual URL dispatcher or if it is done automaticly, if they can 
be used on some cloud sites or not, how easy is to use other modules from CPAN 
with them, like DBIC, TT, HTML::FormFu, or Rest, or how easy is to integrate 
Catalyst apps with other existing apps... and which are the proposed 
improvements where they are necessary.

  Also some things about using Catalyst and Bread::Board in the future and how 
it be useful would be also helpful.

  The recommendation is to create Catalyst apps as standalone as possible and 
to use the web just as an interface... one of the interfaces of the app, but 
most of the tutorials and examples are not done this way.

  It would be also helpful to know if there are intentions to make Catalyst to 
be even more easier to use with such a standalone app, and how should be the 
interface offered by that app to work with Catalyst.... I mean, if some best 
practices should be expected, or TIMTOWTDI (each on his own) will be the single 
recommendation in the future.


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