I'm very happy to announce the latest release of Catalyst-Runtime.

This release contains a number of small improvements to enable extensibility, 
and a bug fix.

Full changelog below as always.


5.90017 - 2012-10-19 22:33:00
  - Change Catalsyt _parse_attrs so that when sub attr handlers:

    1) Can return multiple pairs of new attributes.
    2) Get their returned attributes passed through the correct attribute 

    e.g sub _parse_Whatever_attr { return Chained => 'foo', PathPart => 'bar' }

    Will now work because both new attributes are respected, and the Chained
    attribute is passed to _parse_Chained_attr and fixed up correctly by that.

  - In Catalyst::Test, don't mangle headers of non-HTML responses. RT#79043

  - Refactor request and response class construction to add methods
    that roles can hook to feed extra parameters into the constructor
    of request or response classes.
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