On 23/10/2012 22:31, Tomas Doran wrote:
On 23 Oct 2012, at 22:03, Lyle wrote:

Otherwise you get issues when people try to open files with a relative path.
This is normal in other web servers also.

Doing that is broken, we provide $app->path_to so you don't ever have to do 
How is it broken?
Because, as much as possible, code should attempt to separate concerns.


The pwd should be the responsibility of the web server layer, not a dependency 
of your application component.

So when web servers are inconsistent, why shouldn't the application be sure it's pwd is where it's installed?

Standard daemonization techniques include a chdir('/') step

which is always going to ruin relative paths.

Your application precluding your web stack from being a daemon is a pretty big 
ask, no?

Why would a chdir in the application affect the daemons pwd? Or are you talking about the application running as a daemon itself?


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