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Here's a copy of a blog post I did announcing calls for advent articles:


So last year wasn't the most spectacular Perl Catalyst Advent we've ever had.  
Lets see if we can do better this go around!  In order to assist, here's a few 
thoughts on simple articles you can do:
    * Take any old article and modernize it...
    * ...or show an alternative approach.
    * Elaborate or improve on an idea you've previously written about in a 
blog, or that you read about in some else's blog.
    * Cools things you can do now that Catalyst is Plack at the core.
    * Alternatives to using the stash to pass data around.
    * Examples of applications not using Template Toolkit or DBIx::Class
    * Examples of using Catalyst with other frameworks such as Web-Simple and 
    * Examples of testing, especially anything using Behavior Driven techniques 
(think rspec or cucumber).
Alternatively we don't need tech oriented articles.  I'd be really happy to see 
some people write something from a business or planning perspective.  For 
example, if you are a CTO or person in planning, something about how you used 
Catalyst effectively to rapidly meet business goals would be very helpful.  Or 
if someone wanted to look at the results of the recent poll and perform some 
interesting analysis, I think the community would love to see that.
Lets get it rolling!


What I didn't announce via the blog is that if we don't get enough commitment, 
it would be better to not do a catalyst only advent article, and just combine 
our submissions over the one of the general Perl Advent calendars.

Having a poor showing in our advent calendar doesn't send the right message and 
it would be better to have a one or two in a popular and full calendar than a 
bunch of empty dates on ours.

Lets here your thoughts on the matter!


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