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> Hi Lukas,
> Firstly thanks and secondly I take your point regarding the relationships.
> It seems sensible that I should create an object to manipulate a
> Montage rather than methods attached to other objects that seem to be
> modifying something virtual.  For example a Montage might have a
> period associated to it so when I display the details the Montage
> knowing it's period can identify the pictures from it's period
> containing the user that belong to it and maybe on a picture rating
> set by the user include them to be displayed.  To always have to pass
> start and end dates, and perhaps other Montage related attributes, to
> a method in the users object doesn't see right.

I hate to state the obvious (honest!) but shouldn't you at this point be
adding a table for the montages? Otherwise, simply creating an object as
Montage->new( user => $dbicUserObject, start => ..., end => ...) doesn't
seem too bad. Pass the actual user row object in and it will allow you easy
enough access to the pictures in a related table (e.g. something like
$user->pictures_rs->search( { date => { '>=', $start, '<', $startPlusPeriod
} } ) for the example you gave about periods).
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