Just to add more, on my Mac, if I rename the module Export.pm to mExport.pm, it works like a charm! Behaves as expected.....

Moreover, if I change the index signature from

sub index :Path :Args(0) { }
sub index :Path { }

it works well also. Can't find any answer for that..

Thanks for your help.


On 12/12/12 12:13 PM, t...@pasteur.fr wrote:

I have a strange behaviour from my Catalyst app runing on 2 different
machines for a particular action path (using dev server myapp_server.pl).

Depending on the machine (using chrome web browser) the application does
not behaves the same way. When I reach localhost:3000/export/ on the
first machine, I get an error message, which is the normal behaviour

When I hit the same URL on the second machine, I just get an error
message FROM chrome say "Oops! This link appears to be broken."
No error message in the log file at all and no error from Catalyst App!

Both machine are running last version of Catalyst 5.90019.

First machine: Ubuntu 11.10, perl 5.12.4
Second machine: MacBook 10.6.8, perl 5.10.1

Here the index method signature:

sub index :Path :Args(0) {

Should it be due to the perl version?

Thanks for any clue, I get stacked with this problem....



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Institut Pasteur
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tuco at_ pasteur dot fr

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