Nevermind, I'd already done thought about this. Please ignore:

    if ( !$c->user_exists ) {
        $c->log->debug('***User not found, forwarding to /login')
          if $c->debug();

        # $c->uri_for will return the URL for the current action namespace,
        # so, if you request /customers/faxes, we'll get /customers/faxes
        # that way we don't trust $c->req->uri, even though looking at the code
        # Catalyst it's OK
        $c->log->debug( 'Saving previous URI: ' . $c->uri_for() )
          if $c->debug();
        $c->flash->{redirect_after_login} = $c->uri_for();
        $c->response->redirect( $c->uri_for('/login') );

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