We’re trying to use post a large perl framework project to catalyst, using ajax 
style requests with websockets. But we are having problems with the session 
being closed before streaming has completed. We get the:

[info] Request took 0.009692s (103.178/s)
| Action                                                     | Time      |
| /index                                                     | 0.002199s |
| /end                                                       | 0.000276s |

with headers and body finalised, before our streaming has completed. We are 
using the usual:


approach. It seems that once we call from_psgi_response, the session is lost 
(before the callback happens).

The problem is that this means we can’t access information in, or update, the 
session during streaming.

Anyone know if this is expected behaviour, and if there is any workaround?

Regards, Mark.

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