Hi all,
Just a few minutes ago, I was in front of my computer at home and heard 
some banging on the window. When I looked up I saw some grey and white body 
falling off the window. I was not sure if it was a bird. So I switched off 
the light and watched the window for a few minutes. Then again I heard the 
banging, when I saw the Junco's outer tail feathers.
I don't know if he is cold and looking for a warmer shelter or the pesky 
cat ,which hangs around the house disturbed him. A few days ago also I had 
some similar banging but never knew what it was.
I know juncos and chickadees roost in the evergreen cedars and yews around 
the house and if they are in the thicket they are quite difficult to be 
reached by the cat. I hope this junco learns where to roost.

Today morning while shovelling the snow found a dead crow, he was sprawling 
with his wings open under the yew with his head tilted. In the morning I 
thought he might have died of cold, but now I am wondering may be he got 
hit by a car??

Hope it is not the cold that is killing them :-(


Meena Haribal
Ithaca NY 14850



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