I am in the 4th year of my Ph.D. (at Syracuse University) and do
research on how anthropogenic (human-caused)
noise can influence communication in Eastern bluebirds, and thus
influence how they choose their mates.  Last summer we had great
success collecting data throughout Central New York and found
interesting patterns suggesting bluebirds sing differently and have
different coloration in areas that are more affected by anthropogenic
disturbance.  I am writing because I am looking for more sites in New
York state to conduct research this spring.  Any sites with a minimum
of 3-4 pairs of bluebirds would be usable (I am looking for both
relatively disturbed and undisturbed sites).  If you have any
suggestions for sites (parks, wildlife refuges, trails, ect.), or have
any questions, please email me (Ellen) at: emwis...@syr.edu.



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